Exemplary Leader Spotlight: Nicole Kiddoo

Exemplary Leader Spotlight

Each month, we are highlighting one member from the Group Coaching Intensive for Leaders of Leaders. We believe in learning from our community, and this month, Nicole Kiddoo, the Executive Director & Human Services Administrator at Lewis Mason Thurston Agency on Aging is sharing some wisdom & experience with us.

How long have you been in this role & at this organization?

I have had the pleasure of serving in this role and have been at the Lewis Mason Thurston Area Agency on Aging since April of 2018.

What are 2 words to describe you & when do you demonstrate those characteristics most? 

Depending on the day and circumstances these words change and evolve.  But calm and strategist are at my core.

When faced with complex challenges or opportunities, I lean into my strategist mode.  To me, strategies are the building blocks in any approach.  I start with the end in mind, I’m thinking of what I want or need the outcome to be and then work to figure out how to get it.

When there is a need to take a step back and gain perspective especially in times of stress, overwhelm, chaos.  In these times a sense of grounding and anchoring to purpose is when calm shows up the most for me.

How has leadership changed you?

Leadership is about something bigger than self.  The question for me is: what can I do to make an impact that serves the purpose of improving or positively impacting the lives of others?   This question keeps me grounded and humble, keeps me honest, and reminds me to continue to evolve.  No matter what the situation is, I can come back to this question especially when being human is a factor – the moment this journey becomes self-serving, I am no longer effective at making positive change or impact.  Although this epiphany became clearer to me in hindsight with some hard-won lessons learned and the continuous journey of self-discovery, the moment I chose to commit my career to public service and most importantly, how I wanted to do that is when my why became a foundational component of how leadership has changed me and continues to do so.

Can you give 3 practical leadership suggestions that have helped you to be successful?

Don’t take it personally, stay curious and reflect to gain or regain perspective.


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