PROGRAMMING DURING COVID-19: Working with Julie is well worth your time and energy! She is so thoughtful about what you need to know and is not afraid to give you feedback on areas that need change. The most amazing thing is that she is able to point out the things you are already doing well, which can sometimes be hard to see. I appreciate her perspective and innovative ways to establish processes and priorities. At the same time, she shows her authentic self and it makes having those tough conversations easier.

Areina Contreras, District Director at Coconino County

PROGRAMMING DURING COVID-19: Julie’s infectious energy and spirit added to a dynamic, engaging environment for our retreat. We had about 50 attendees who did not know one another prior to the retreat. Through Julie’s leadership, we built connections, increased trust, and feel more comfortable working together. I was impressed by her communication, organization, and ability to lead a large group through a variety of activities that aided in meaningful learning.

Michelle Gardner, Assistant Director of Leadership, Engagement, Activities, and Peer Mentoring at Northern Arizona University

PROGRAMMING DURING COVID-19: I had the opportunity to join one of Lancaster Leadership’s group coaching programs, and I am very happy I signed up. This was simply the best coaching/leadership program I have participated in. Julie’s positive and supporting style matched with an engaging team dynamic created a unique learning experience. I absolutely recommend this program.

Scott Stonum, Superintendent of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in the National Park Service

PROGRAMMING DURING COVID-19: This year was hard. Because of the pandemic, my well-functioning team had to quickly adapt how we interacted with each other and our client base, while not losing our ability to deliver high quality support. As the year wore on, I wanted to invest in the team on a more personal level. Beyond the traditional (and obvious) courses and videos, what could I do to keep them engaged and poised to jump on the next opportunity? I opted for team coaching from Lancaster Leadership. Over the course of a few months, we started to see a change in our approach to work and to our individual professional development. With some reluctance, we shared our leadership philosophies at the conclusion of the sessions and recognized that we are all leaders in some way. Importantly, we came together to support one another on our individual leadership journeys. This experience has empowered our team, rededicating ourselves to our collective vision of success. From the few who embraced coaching the minute I mentioned it, to the most hesitant and suspicious team members, everyone eventually agreed that the experience was helpful to them. I would love to be able to do this again with my team (the coaching, not the pandemic).

Faye Farmer, Executive Director of Research Development, ASU

PROGRAMMING DURING COVID-19: I’ve had the opportunity to participate in several of Julie’s workshops, both in-person, and remotely over the last few years. Julie’s ability to educate and inspire through her research and shared life and career experience is congruent in all formats. Whether a small or large group, a departmental team, or a mix of professionals from different industries – Julie delivers engaging and relevant content that mixes in activities, discussion, and real-time application of skills. Our most recent Zoom session for the Northern Arizona University Leadership Program was a great success in program continuity. Julie’s authentic style and growth mindset leaves a positive impact every time. Thanks Julie!

Andrea Graves, Coodinator-Nt’l and Int’l Scholarships and Fellowships, NAU

PROGRAMMING DURING COVID-19: Team development is such an important component to a healthy organization. But, in a time of crisis and uncertainty, creating space for development and engagement of our team has never been more prudent. Providing opportunities to keep us connected, to support a healthy team culture, to boost our morale and to promote self-care so that we can continue to be mission and values driven in service of our communities who need our support is why we continue to look to Julie Lancaster for her guidance. More now than ever, it is important for us to bring unity, cohesion and purpose to our team and to take advantage of learning and challenging ourselves in new ways. Through her creative approaches, Julie is able to provide us a great experience remotely. Julie has such a unique way of understanding her clients and their needs which allows her to create a one of a kind program geared towards effective, meaningful and lasting outcomes.

Nicole Kiddoo, Executive Director, Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging

PROGRAMMING DURING COVID-19: I truly appreciate being able to continue my Executive Leadership Academy, taught by Julie Lancaster, using Zoom. Having the ability to still connect with members of my cohort to discuss what we were all going through and how we had each been impacted, along with discussing new strategies for leadership in an unprecedented time was one of the most impactful experiences of my career.

Krista Sedillo, Human Resources Manager, Coconino County

PROGRAMMING DURING COVID-19: Julie serves as a wise guide. Despite these challenging, chaotic times, she reminds us that opportunities still exist to change and to expand our knowledge and abilities; in short, to grow as leaders. In doing so, I can effectively lead my unit through the current turbulence to better days on the other side. Thank you, Julie, for your transformational leadership guidance.

Yvonne Luna, Chair-Department of Sociology, NAU 

Julie Ryan

Julie has a magical way of reconnecting teams by encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and exchange honest feedback within a safe space. Her engaging and entertaining facilitation cultivates cohesion that sticks, long after a retreat is over. Our leadership team is now able to lock arms, support each other, and tackle difficult issues together.

Julie Ryan, Executive Director, NAU Campus Health Services

Jay Christelman

Coconino County Community Development has utilized Julie’s services for our annual retreat four years in a row and each retreat has been invigorating with fresh and innovative material, specifically tailored to address the emerging trends within our Department. Julie is extraordinarily engaging which is evident by the Department’s participation and enthusiasm during our retreats. We look forward to working with Julie again this year!

Jay Christelman, Director , Community Development, Coconino County

Michael Combrink head shot

Julie Lancaster was an incredible and engaging keynote speaker at our Arizona Tax Conference. Not only does she know how to get everyone in the room involved, and I do mean everyone, but she does it in such a warm and welcoming way; soon your attendees will be shouting out, laughing, and learning. Julie and her presentations are an incredible resource for personal and professional growth, whether it’s a small gathering of team members, or a conference of hundreds, Julie will leave your team members refreshed, focused, motivated, and ready for the task ahead!

Michael Combrink, Chief Deputy Assessor, Coconino County

Julie is an AMAZING facilitator! We had her facilitate our Gender and IT conference as well as present a much needed program about mentoring to our participants. She pulls everyone into the conversation, providing space and opportunity for connection, vulnerability, and support. I highly recommend engaging Lancaster Leadership to bring your team(s) together for a genuine “breakthrough” experience that sets the stage for next steps in the growth of your organization.

Andrea Stalker, Director ITS, NAU Strategic Planning, Implementation and Education Services

If there is one person that can successfully support our agency in growth, empowering tools, and creating a culture of leadership with her expertise, positive energy and her interactive approach, it’s Julie Lancaster!

Nicole Kiddoo, Executive Director, Lewis Mason Thurston Area Agency on Aging

The multi-day Leadership Academy facilitated by Julie provided time to connect with team members, share and learn from others experiences and to develop a personal leadership style from the tools and concepts presented throughout the Academy. Training that last only a day can be informative and peak interests, however the academy provides the depth and breadth needed to facilitate lasting leadership transformation.

Chistopher Tressler, County Engineer, Coconino County Public Works

Coaching with Julie was always the highlight of my week! Julie helped me work within my own set of transitions and challenged me to think more deeply about my current leadership role. She provided me with actionable tools to help me develop new ways to lead and focused our time on strategically moving toward my goals.

Erika Mazza, CEO and General Manager, Mountain Line

Julie has a great mix of leadership skills, experience and energy that help coalesce our team for the benefit of the organization. She’s direct, flexible and is productive with our time and has advanced our team’s development and productivity.

Chris Fetzer, Executive Director, Northern Arizona Council of Governments

Julie Lancaster is easily one of the best facilitators I have encountered in 20 years on the job! She is skilled in having fun while addressing very serious topics such as work culture and leadership. Participants leave feeling connected, inspired, and have tangible plans to address organizational change.

Sarah Douthit, Chief Probation Officer, Coconino County Adult Probation

WOW! Julie is a dynamic, high energy presenter who was able to energize our crowd of 200+ attendees! Julie is a fun, engaging presenter who is able to tackle tough topics at a high level while simultaneously connecting at a personal level with the audience.

Jenna Elmer, Assistant Director of Human Resources of Facilities Management, University of Arizona

Julie design and facilitates wonderful women’s leadership retreats! The experiences invites self-reflection, vulnerability, and inspiration to dream big and reach higher. She creates a safe space for everyone to participate and I look forward to the next opportunity to gather with this community!

Wendy Bruun, Executive Director, Northern Arizona University

Julie is the best of the best when it comes to leadership coaching. Her passion and ability to strategically identify your leadership, career and life goals is incredible. Julie’s unbridled enthusiasm drives her work and she empower you to be your best self in the workplace or in your personal life. These sessions leave me feeling inspired and confident to tackle the next challenge.

Elizabeth Vogler, Previous Deputy Director, Flagstaff Arts Council

Working with Julie was a challenging, productive, and FUN experience. Julie is open and encouraging while giving clear, honest feedback. She helped me identify areas in which I want to grow and gave me concrete tools and techniques to be successful in doing so. Julie is a brilliant, welcoming person with vast experience and knowledge that she uses to tailor your coaching sessions to your specific needs.

Marica Martinic, MPH, Director, Northern Arizona Area Health Education Center

Julie Lancaster has an amazing way of connecting with her audience. She is vibrant, energetic and provides a wonderful perspective on leadership. She encourages her students to move out of the ordinary and into leading with passion and enthusiasm. Her leadership trainings make me want to be more, do more and step out of my comfort zone in order to be a better me!

Jennifer Brown, Support Services Manager, City of Flagstaff

In a sea of ‘grey suit training’, Julie is the hot pink that will captivate you. With a genuine zeal, she breathes life into the journey of self-reflection. She is a master at connecting everyone in the room. If you open yourself to the experience deeply, you are bound to enjoy many ah-ha moments about yourself and your team. Animated, enthusiastic, inspiring, joyful, real. Julie is someone I always want to be around to feel alive and on a fast-track towards a life of meaning.

Kate Carey, Owner of A Blissful Life and Assistant to VP at NAU

growing youth in leadership

Julie’s presentation style and passion to help others is beyond amazing. Not only is she passionate, funny, and professional but she also engages every individual in meaningful ways.

Tess Fife, Owner, Camp Beyond Camp

The Women’s Leadership Retreat was invigorating, empowering & fantastic. The retreat encouraged me to push my personal limits and challenged me to become my best self.

Kristen Dick, Forensic Scientist, Arizona Department of Public Safety

Julie is a dynamic, inspiring facilitator who brings in her own personal experience as a way to foster participants’ ability to be vulnerable, honest and curious, yet draws out attainable plans, actions, and results.

Erin Widman, Studio Owner, The Yoga Experience

Julie coaches leaders to excel to the next level! She recognizes that everyone is a leader and brings out the abilities in all team members to recognize what they do best in order to contribute to a successful team. I am so glad that we were fortunate enough to find and engage Julie in a series of trainings for our team which really brought us together from separate silos to a well-functioning group of individuals that are achieving phenomenal results!

Sandy Corder, Revenue Director, City of Flagstaff

Julie is a true inspiration to business leaders! She has a way of getting to the truth of the matter or addressing the elephant in the room when doing training with leadership teams. She does so without hurting feelings because she is positive and constructive with any feedback that needs to be delivered. I love her positive energy and her honesty! I always leave a session with the motivation and tools to be a more effective leader in my organization.

Lisa Graham, HR Manager, Grand Canyon Conversancy

Spending a day with Julie Lancaster brought a light back into our team! I thoroughly enjoyed Julie’s presentations, insight, and fun demeanor during our staff retreat. It was a most enjoyable day and our team brought back and have continued to build on what we learned!

Megan Cunningham, Budget and Planning Manager, Coconino County Finance Department

Through masterful facilitation (and a great sense of humor) Julie has transformed a group of supervisors and managers who had little knowledge of any programs outside their own within the Agency. She has not only provided them with the foundations of leadership but has created a cadre who can now reach across the Agency for solutions and support.

Cathy Steers, Human Resources Director, Northern Arizona Council of Governments

It is rare to participate in a group Leadership Academy and walk away with a fresh uplifting perspective! After 20 years in management and numerous professional development classes, I found Julie Lancaster to be a gem, she shines like no one else. She is engaging, clever and witty, a subject expert, applies “real-world” tangible solutions to difficult situations and work place interactions, that will make a seasoned manager walk away with new outlooks and tools to get the job done.

Chris Maragos, Facilities Manager, Grand Canyon Conservancy

Julie creates a designated space—literal and figurative—for honest, authentic exploration and reflection. This space allows leaders to discuss key ideas, challenge status quo, and learn how to support one another away from their daily grind. These deep connections among the participants and with the content open pathways to improved engagement, increased accountability, and organizational progress.

Allie Stender, MPA, Program Manager III, Coconino County Public Works

Your presentation to the AZ County Clerks Association was terrific. Our members range in experience from over 30 years to just under five years. You managed to actively engage every single participant and every participant walked away with new knowledge and/or new found enthusiasm for the job we do.

Wendy Escoffier, Retired Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Coconino County

Julie did a fantastic job helping the Economic Development Program to look to the future. She assisted with developing a planning process to receive stakeholder feedback, and then worked with us to turn that into a document we can own and really use. Her facilitation throughout the process led to great insights about our communication, about our strengths as a team, and about where we want to go to fulfill our role for the community.

David McIntire, Community Investment Director, City of Flagstaff

Julie is a dynamic individual who facilitated a Vice President’s retreat for the University. As the VP group was still in the early stages in terms of time working together, Julie’s efforts really helped the team identify some key goals and the communications that would be helpful to reach those goals. Seeing the group’s effectiveness increase after the retreat was a positive and tangible result. Having this come as a result of an enjoyable mixture of activities and discussion, was an added benefit.

Bjorn Flugstad, Vice-President, Northern Arizona University

Julie Lancaster has this rare and wonderful ability to cross cultural, political, and individual boundaries to help people get to the heart of a matter. What matters to her is people using their hearts and minds in balance to make their work and personal lives better. How does she do this? She is not intimidating. She is also curious, genuine, funny, smart, and always listening for ways to help all involved. She is the consummate professional who gets to clarity quickly. Julie Lancaster is a gem.

Cathleen Garrison, Learning and Development Manager, North Country HealthCare

Julie is like a campfire; her glow and warmth bring people together in a productive and meaningful way. She uses her skills to expertly lead the group (training) toward knowledge and insight. We’re fortunate to have such an experienced and gifted trainer in our community.

Beth Caplan, Owner and Manager, Performance Staffing

Julie has truly shown me how to grow into a leader and build confidence within myself. I took an executive leadership class from her and from the very beginning to the very end I could see myself learning new things with every session. I would recommend her services 100% to anyone wanting to build up self-confidence, grow in their careers, learn strategies for team building, how to reduce conflict, or those who just want their fire within to have a spark again.

Tiffany Marsitto, Probation Supervisor, Coconino County Adult Probation

Julie’s energy is palpable and contagious; just being in her proximity makes you want to be a better person. There’s a reason why Lancaster Leadership has such a successful track record, She is approachable, trustworthy, and emotes an even temperament that calms and helps one center their thought processes. Julie also manages to intuitively sense when the right amount of levity is required to break the ice and galvanize a team or audience. I consider each moment I spend learning from her priceless.

Diana White, CEO, Chandler Innovations Incubator

In addition to being an engaging and inspiring leader, Julie has a singular ability to evoke genuine self-evaluation, resulting in carefully considered and supported action. I attribute much of my success in my current career path to my work with Julie and encourage anyone to meet with her and find your own opening doors.

Tammy Rauschenbach, Internal Auditor, Coconino County

Attending the Executive Leadership Academy was one of the best experiences of my professional life. Julie kindly challenges participants to become healthier, more effective leaders. The tools she provides are indispensable for any person wanting to grow both personally and professionally.

Stacy Krueger, Deputy County Attorney, Coconino County

Eve Wolters

Julie has mastered the ability to absorb a phenomenal amount of information and distill it into useable, succinct and effective strategies for enhancing one’s leadership skills. She both assists and challenges participants in her leadership courses to stretch themselves and their leadership abilities in practical ways. She brings engagement, participation, homework and accountability; the perfect formula to elevate a leader out of the ordinary and towards the exceptional.

Eve Wolters, Program Manager, Healthy Families

Corey Ringenberg

Truly an expert in her field, Julie offers an energizing course that reinforces and introduces leadership concepts that can help you both professionally and personally. This phenomenal program is filled with compelling concepts, and enjoyable experiences. You allowed me to explore my inner strengths and recognize my leadership values.

Corey Ringenberg, Chief Bailiff, Superior Court of Arizona

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