Do It Yourself

Free Team Development Program

Are you lacking the resources or capacity to invest in training & development right now?

Are you a go-getter and want your team to learn as much about leadership as possible?

We have compiled a 4-session free self-guided program for you to bring to your team, complete with 4 components:

1 Video
1 Assessment
1 Article
1 Book Recommendation
How to move through the program:

Determine how often you will meet and determine how much time you will allow for this. Recommended 15-60 minutes per meeting. Together, identify your goals and desired outcomes for this program.

Ask each team member to review each session’s materials before you meet. The commitment will be approximately 30 minutes of pre-work before each meeting to complete the assessment, review the video, and read the article.

When you meet, ask questions like:

  1. What did you learn or realize about yourself or our team?
  2. How does what you learned relate to our team? What should we be talking about as a team regarding this topic?
  3. Are there any goals or ideas for our team to move forward?

Enjoy learning, communicating, and working as an even stronger team.  If you do embark on this complimentary self-paced journey, shoot us an email to let us know how it’s going.  We’d love to hear about your team’s development!

Team Development Program, 4 sessions

Session 1: Creating a Culture of Trust & High Morale

Session 2: Succession Planning

Session 3: Work Reimagined

Session 4: Influence: Negotiation


Influence: Negotiation, by Lancaster Leadership


Influence: Negotiation, by Lancaster Leadership


Negotiations Self-Assessment Inventory, by Tero Int’l


Getting to Yes, by Roger Fisher

The Power of a Positive No, by William Ury

Yes, by Noah J. Goldstein

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