Team Training, Team Building & Leadership Academies

Would you like your team to thrive? We know you are looking for outcomes.

Dear Clients,

You inspire me! You are the kind of person & team who values personal and professional growth, and knows that life is about learning and constantly growing. I have strong enthusiasm for working with people to create positive change and thriving leadership communities. Feel free to reach out to me to see what’s possible!

Step 1: We’d love to facilitate an event for you. Please note that our lead time is 2-6 months.

Step 2: Afterward, if your expectations were exceeded, we will craft custom suggestions to help your team to thrive and be exceptional. We have a “clients for life” philosophy and once you are “in the door,” we are here for you. The most common next steps after the introductory event are

(1) Group coaching 4-12 times/year or

(2) Training in the form of a leadership academy of 9 sessions spread over 2-9 months or

(3) Strategic planning.

We look forward to supporting you, 

Julie Lancaster

We can help with the following:

  • employee engagement
  • retention
  • job satisfaction
  • mental health and wellness
  • enhanced workplace culture
  • open communication about current issues
  • clear goals with concrete action
  • enhanced leadership skills


½-day program: $1700 (up to 4 hours)
Full-day program: $2852 (up to 8 hours)
Ask about non-profit pricing
Leadership Academy has 9 training days, 70 topics, and is $29,995-$39,995

+ Optional add-ins of “360-feedback tool” & follow-up coaching

Fee varies for groups larger than 25. Additional travel cost applies.

A highly engaged workforce means the difference between a company that outperforms its competitors and one that fails to grow. Gallup

3 Staggering Statistics.
Do you love data like we do?
We provide leadership academies to a variety of agencies that have the goal of supporting their leaders through relevant training.
After 3 years after the first leadership academy participants stepped through the door, one organization crunched the numbers to assess effectiveness. And look what they found!

  • Over 1/3 of academy participants have been promoted.
  • Over 50% of academy participants felt inclined to apply for promotions. Over 60% of those that applied for promotion were successful in doing so.
  • Within the organization, 96% of the academy participants have been retained.

Ready to move forward?

Meet & Greet for a Leadership Event Link (15-20 min.)
If you would like to chat to get to know each other before saying yes, or if you are trying to decide which direction to go

Planning Meeting for a Leadership Event(s) Link (30-55 min.)
If you are ready for your official planning meeting for your event(s) where we craft your agenda. 1 is included in each contract. If you’d like, you are welcome to bring 1 or 2 additional attendees

Leadership Academy Sessions:


  1. Leadership Competencies in the 21st Century
  2. Emotional Intelligence & Effective Communication for Leaders
  3. Creating a Thriving Work Culture
  4. Ethics in Leadership
  5. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  6. Leadership Agility: Personality Styes and Generations in the Workplace
  7. Successful Performance Management for Prosperous Teams
  8. Managing People, Objectives and Change
  9. Leadership panel, Presentations, Presentation Skills, Stress Management & Conclusion

Want to focus primarily on team building?

How We Design Trainings and Workshops

Intake Questionnaire

We learn your big-picture goals & how we can help to meet them

Needs Assessment

We understand your needs regarding strategy, skill- development, & culture

Curriculum Development

We design an audience-specific program to meet your objectives

Program Facilitation

We deliver an engaging program to meet your desired outcomes

Next Steps

We collect & share participant feedback and determine a path forward


The training you receive from Lancaster Leadership addresses the PERMA model developed by Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology.

Through masterful facilitation (and a great sense of humor) Julie has transformed a group of supervisors and managers who had little knowledge of any programs outside their own within the Agency. She has not only provided them with the foundations of leadership but has created a cadre who can now reach across the Agency for solutions and support.

Cathy Steers, Human Resources Director, Northern Arizona Council of Governments

It is rare to participate in a group Leadership Academy and walk away with a fresh uplifting perspective! After 20 years in management and numerous professional development classes, I found Julie Lancaster to be a gem, she shines like no one else. She is engaging, clever and witty, a subject expert, applies “real-world” tangible solutions to difficult situations and work place interactions, that will make a seasoned manager walk away with new outlooks and tools to get the job done.

Chris Maragos, Facilities Manager, Grand Canyon Conservancy

Julie creates a designated space—literal and figurative—for honest, authentic exploration and reflection. This space allows leaders to discuss key ideas, challenge status quo, and learn how to support one another away from their daily grind. These deep connections among the participants and with the content open pathways to improved engagement, increased accountability, and organizational progress.

Allie Stender, MPA, Program Manager III, Coconino County Public Works

Julie coaches leaders to excel to the next level! She recognizes that everyone is a leader and brings out the abilities in all team members to recognize what they do best in order to contribute to a successful team. I am so glad that we were fortunate enough to find and engage Julie in a series of trainings for our team which really brought us together from separate silos to a well-functioning group of individuals that are achieving phenomenal results!

Sandy Corder, Revenue Director, City of Flagstaff

Julie is a true inspiration to business leaders! She has a way of getting to the truth of the matter or addressing the elephant in the room when doing training with leadership teams. She does so without hurting feelings because she is positive and constructive with any feedback that needs to be delivered. I love her positive energy and her honesty! I always leave a session with the motivation and tools to be a more effective leader in my organization.

Lisa Graham, HR Manager, Grand Canyon Conversancy

Spending a day with Julie Lancaster brought a light back into our team! I thoroughly enjoyed Julie’s presentations, insight, and fun demeanor during our staff retreat. It was a most enjoyable day and our team brought back and have continued to build on what we learned!

Megan Cunningham, Budget and Planning Manager, Coconino County Finance Department