Personalized coaching and leadership development is for anyone who would like support with working strategically, communicating effectively, strengthening relationships, impacting change, influencing in all directions, and maintaining joy at work.

Research shows that 70% of Fortune 500 executives get coaching.

It’s for you if you are committed to making a positive and significant change in your life and work.

Coaching for Excellence program.

A one-on-one personalized coaching and leadership development program is for you if you: 
  • Are eager for tools and the ability to be optimally effective in your work and life
  • Believe in the importance of growth and development
  • Want to more fully reach your potential
  • Would like for a coach to help you to clarify and reach your goals, supportively hold you accountable, teach you skills, ask challenging questions, and believe in the possibility of your success

The Details

Includes accompanying web modules with client-specific topics (video, article, worksheet, assessment & book recommendation)

12 sessions, 18 hours: $6,340 (up to 12 months, includes $500 discount)

8 sessions, 12 hours: $4,560 (up to 9 months)

Meeting every 1-4 weeks; 1.5 hour sessions

+ “360 degree feedback” option: $1,995

Money-Back Guarantee If you feel that your life is not impacted by our 1:1 Coaching. We will provide you a full refund. Please let us know within 24 hours of the first session. No questions asked.


  • Managing change
  • Having accountability conversations
  • Reducing stress
  • Motivating yourself and others
  • Turning vision into action
  • Navigating personality styles
  • Increasing workplace morale
  • Evaluating efficiency
  • Balancing empathy & assertiveness
  • Influencing & negotiating
  • Strategic planning for success
  • Executive presence
  • Team engagement

Your Contract and other documents are password protected on the Clients page.
You will receive the password with your invoice & first appointment.

Why do we recommend being coached by an “outsider”? We’ve seen superior benefits from having a coach outside of your organization: trusted confidentiality, dedicated time to your issues, open dialogue about growth areas without fear of evaluation, no hidden agendas, and objective listening & strategizing.

360 Feedback

The most effective leaders seek well-rounded feedback. If you would like a 360-assessment (meaning feedback from all directions), we can help.

The Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment aims to give you a well-rounded analysis of 19 competencies, highlighting your leadership strengths and how to be optimally effective. 19 competencies are included, as well as one-on-one time with a certified facilitator to interpret the results and devise a growth plan.

One-On-One Coaching Testimonials