Aspirational Obituary

Julie embraces life.  She lives with verve and leads with her whole heart.  She brings optimism, energy, connection and compassion into her life and the lives of others.  She puts a positive stamp on the world.

Julie is blessed with a creative mind, and from this, is never bored. With this, she also reminds herself to slow down from time to time. She seeks challenges, finds opportunities, and maintains a commitment to finding the good or lesson in all that life brings.

Julie is tender and tough. She is easily touched by compassion, gentleness, and beauty. She serves by seeing the light in others and helping to unlock their potential. She is moved to help others turn vision into action. And she freely gifts her smile.

Julie loves nature and traveling and new projects, as they give life to her excitement for exploration and discovery.  In this spirit, she is also driven to rearrange the furniture occasionally.  But above all, she deeply cherishes the hearts of her family and close relationships.

Each day, Julie puts effort into making new discoveries, loving through connection, and marveling. She is consistently thankful for the richness of her life.  She is vibrant and alive.

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