Michael Buchheit, Leadership Philosophy, Grand Canyon Association

My leadership philosophy is rooted in a personal commitment to live by my values, to lead by example, to set and achieve concrete goals, and to support, nurture and celebrate the accomplishments of everyone within my sphere of influence. I make every effort to help my co-workers, colleagues and constituents to achieve their personal and professional goals by looking for common ground and finding innovative ways to collaborate.

I reward loyalty and hard work in myself and others. I place a high value on effective communication and make every effort to be a clear communicator with both superiors and subordinates. I embrace the
opportunity to make difficult decisions and am fair and balanced in their execution. I maintain an open
door policy and strive to make those who report to me comfortable with bringing their needs and ideas to my attention. I give those under my charge the tools they need to be effective. In return I expect them to conduct themselves with a high degree of autonomy, accountability and efficiency.

Balancing my personal and professional lives is of great importance to me as I have found that neither
will flourish at the expense of the other. I strive for excellence in everything I do, and find lessons in
those instances when I fall short of these expectations.


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