The Power of Intention, In Real Life

Happy accident or serendipity or synchronicity? Time and time again in my life, once I set an intention, a path arises. A leadership academy participant once said, “the universe is conspiring to help me,” and sometimes I wonder if that’s true.

Step 1: This fall, I took some time out to enjoy an “active retreat” in Cancun. And there is one thing I know about taking breaks: new ideas often surface. In this inspired state, another one of the participants and I decided that we were going to do a triathlon together (I have never done one before).

Step 2: After returning home and going to my trainer, he said: what about trying swimming as a sport? And I know you like setting goals; what about trying a triathlon?

Step 3: So I started training with some swimming, biking & running, but hadn’t made effort to find a triathlon. One month later, I got an email from a friend asking if I’d like to be in a triathlon relay. She had no idea that I had this as a goal.

Step 4: I was delighted, but couldn’t commit, as I would be flying home from a leadership academy in Washington that day. I then emailed the client to confirm we would still meet in person, and she shared that they would like to move to virtual, so I did not need to use that day as a travel day.

I share this to communicate the belief I have in intention AND keeping our eyes open. But I am a realist; there are many things in my life that I would like to “set an intention and it will come,” and the ease doesn’t follow. However, I know that if I stay open to the possibility of the universe conspiring to help me, at times when least expected, it will. I’ll end with this quote that has inspired me for years: “Wake up every morning believing that something wonderful is about to happen.” It might be a bit corny, but it helps me.


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