Retreats and Workshop Series

Would you like your team to be inspired to reach that next level of success? To keep your team thriving and moving in the right direction, we recommend “pulling back” from the daily work every month or quarter. Which series sounds right for your team? Each event includes team and relationship building, reflection and action steps forward, participative learning and skill building, a focus on strengths and weaknesses, collaborative thinking, facilitated discussion, and laughter.

FULL-DAY RETREATS (Choose 3-7 retreats)

Retreat Series

  • Being Bold and Creating Your Best Life
  • Exemplary Communication Including Emotional Intelligence, Influence, And Difficult Conversations

AKA Effective Conversations & Dynamic Relationships: In Business & Life

  • Stress Management & Mindfulness AKA Radical Self-Care: How to Be Productive and Happy Without Burnout
  • Managing Conflict & Change
  • Building Vital Team Health AKA Trust, Presence, & Influence
  • Strategic Planning for Your Life, Your Work, And Your Team
  • Creating A Culture of World Class Communication & Customer Service

Alternative options of the retreat programs

  • Building Trust
  • Developing Your Leadership Style AKA Leveraging Your Strengths
  • Stress Management & Change Resilience
  • Communication for Maximum Influence
  • Managing from The Middle
  • Change, Morale & Resilience
  • Team building & Reboot

Strategic Planning (1-3 Days each)

  • Building on Excellence Strategic Advance: Team Building & Goal Setting
  • Optional: Monthly or Quarterly Goal Follow-Up


From Good to Great: Creating Your Team with Intention

(A) Leadership Direction Planning (Leadership Team)

  • Creating Culture & Communication with Intention (All-Staff)
  • Creating a Culture of Trust (All-Staff)
  • Creating a Culture of Open, Effective Feedback (All-Staff)

Values based leadership

  • Values based teams & cohesion
  • Authentic leadership & communication
  • Influence, motivation & change

Upping Your Influence

  • Leadership presence
  • Negotiation
  • Influence during change

Stress Management

  • Values-based leadership & stress triggers
  • Boundaries, effective feedback & mindfulness
  • Creating joy & effective habits

Customer Service

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Advanced Customer Service
  • Optional: observations & 1:1 feedback

Creating Prosperous Teams: Part 1 & 2

  • Creating Value
  • Building Trust

The Team Architect: Creating Cultural Change

  • Creating a Culture of Risk Taking
  • Creating a Culture of Open, Effective Feedback

AKA Tackling Conflict Management OR Difficult Conversations

  • Creating a Culture of Accountability & Trust

HALF DAY PROGRAMS (Choose 3-7 program)

  • Ethics in Leadership AKA Values Based Leadership
  • Generations in The Workplace, including Next Generation Workforce: Getting the Young to Stay
  • Successful Communication
  • Priorities and Expectations
  • Navigating Change, including the Change Style Indicator Assessment
  • Responding to Change: Your Team & Your Career
  • Direct Communication: Accountability, Difficult Conversations & Performance Evaluations
  • Creative Thinking & Communicating Expectations
  • Influence & Negotiation: Communication for Maximum Influence
  • Influence: Negotiation for Win-Win Solutions
  • Standardization & Knowledge Retention & Succession Planning
  • Creating Exceptional Teams at Every Level: Strategies for Your Organization, Your Team, And You
  • Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence: 7 Strategies to Increase Your EI & Effectiveness with Managing People And Teams
  • Creating A Culture of Strategic Thinking
  • Communication & Demonstrating Teamwork
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Creating a Culture of Risk Taking AKA the Role of Risk Taking in Leadership
  • A Thriving Entry into the Workforce: How to get hired, keep your job, and be successful at work

Retreat Fees

For teams of up to 25 people:
½-day – $1200
Full-day – $1700-$1900