Camino Hike…100 Miles Down

Day 6–8.

We had our first day walking in the rain, which later on give Bizzy blisters and me, athletes foot. We passed fields of sunflowers, absolutely delightful towns, and have been meeting so many people from all over the world. The relationships are kind of amoeba-like, we join in with other groups, walking all-the-while, for five minutes – one hour, and then break free again, only to meet up at some other point, in some other town. In one town I even got a massage, and it seemed to be in the dungeon of a 1000-year-old building.

So many experiences! We’ve been passing massive Groves of olives, and grapevines, and fields of asparagus. In a teeny tiny store on the street below this hostel, there are 10 different brands and sizes for canned asparagus. We’ve passed countless blackberry brambles, fennel, thistles, and common yard weeds. I have decided that bindweed must be my totem plant, as it really truly loves my yard in Flagstaff, and it seems to be just about everywhere I look here. 🙂 The most commonly available foods around seem to be the asparagus aforementioned, tuna, more fishy things, olives, and all-things-bread. The garden market for potted petunias and geraniums must be off the hook, as these adorable windowsills are often covered in them. My favorites are the door knobs in the middle of the doors. There have been some atypical things that I’ve noticed, like olives in vending machines, multiple kinds, and also packages of salami. Here seem to be many dental clinics, and my favorite was a dental and foot clinic combined. I can’t believe the first hundred miles is behind us! Bizzy has just left, and Kym has just arrived.

My muscles are no longer as sore at the end of the day. And I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! I’m mostly just excited to go to sleep so that morning comes sooner so I can have more coffee and croissants.


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