Can you relate to issues entrepreneurs face?

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that it’s wonderful and terrible. Wonderful, as you get to live your dreams, chart the course, make decisions that guide your future. And that’s also why it’s terrible; you are often figuring it out all on your own and crossing your fingers. Not to mention, within the last few weeks, these highs and lows (especially the lows?) have been heightened.

I had the opportunity to see under the veil at Moonshot. A roomful of entrepreneurs, sharing their successes and challenges. A joy shared is a joy doubled, right? And when we share our challenges, we can get help.

Here’s what came forth.

Successes/what’s going well:

  • Networking
  • Attracting the right staff
  • Growth & expanding business
  • Listening
  • Learning from others
  • Staying in the zone of genius


  • Letting go of ideas (prioritizing) & competing opportunities
  • Balance
  • Anxiety about riding out feast or famine (particularly the famine part)
  • Community

Can you relate to any of these, entrepreneur or not? Let’s take a moment to remember that we are all in this together, and as Marie Forleo  would say, everything is figureoutable. Everything. So I raise my glass to you; your successes, challenges & the future you are creating.

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