The Creative Process

The Creative Process

I’ve never been an artist. I guess I’ve been drawn to other things. And have never really given painting or drawing, things I consider to be “creating art,” a chance. I read “The Creative Act” a few months back, so I understand the idea that art and creativity is in everything. But still.

Then, slowly, over time, my perception changed. Then Suzanne encouraged me to be a “Masterpiece Art Guide” and teach a monthly art class to elementary school kids. I was willing because I loved the idea of having a purposeful reason to be in my kids’ classrooms, and they were just kids anyway (and might not care or notice that my art wasn’t great).

Then Kendra gave me a homemade watercolor painting with a quote around it, and even though I am frequently decluttering, the painting has withstood the test of time, and I keep it beside my bathtub.

Then my son went to college for art. I would watch his images as they would evolve, day after day. I would watch how he would bask in the slow pace of art, museums, deeply observing.

And then one day, Margot said “I’ve taken up watercoloring. I’ve never really done it, but it helps me to be present, and sometimes even turn out halfway decent!” She says that she pay special attention to a beautiful landscape, or lighting, and then re-creates from picture or memory, with artistic license.

Then the fourth thing that finally pushed me into action was my coach. In one session I said “Andrea, I would like you to help me to learn how to hibernate.” She encouraged me to create a cozy nook in my house, devoid of work and to-do lists. To be present and calm. So into the space, I brought tea, candles, blankets, plants, and watercolors.

Let me be clear that I am brand new at this. But, I am loving every second. I am able to turn off my productivity-mindset, my thinking-ahead mind, and my planning-mind. I mostly focus on colors. Just being present, getting excited about adding a little more pigment here or there. And sometimes the stuff doesn’t turn out half bad.

I can only see this origin story unfold as I look backward. As a human, I am constantly inclined to grow and evolve. Over the years, I realize that the act of coaching, the work I do, helps me to consistently develop my skill with listeningNow, as I become an artist, I am learning better how to see.

With gratitude, Julie


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