Wade Forrest, Leadership Philosophy, Mountain Line


I believe in setting a strong example by executing my duties and responsibilities with dedication, commitment, and integrity.

I believe that instilling a strong sense of mission and culture promotes independent decision making and positive outcomes that are consistent with departmental and organizational objectives.

I believe that honest, open, and constructively critical communication helps to strengthen the team and provides opportunities for a strong feedback loop that is conducive to professional growth, individual contributions, improvements for processes, and departmental evolution.


My thoughts center on the fact that my employees and coworkers are people first. We all have strengths, weaknesses and lives outside of work; finding the right balance can diminish our weaknesses, bolster our strengths, and promote a better life at home and at work.

My words will be affirming yet honest and I will listen with an understanding that promotes constructive and positive feedback.


I will lead with empathy, honesty, and dedication in my efforts to be an asset to Mountain Line, my team, and the public that we serve.

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