The Impact of One

On the sidelines of the micro-soccer field 8 years ago, as our daughters tried to learn which goal to actual score on, Chris Fetzer and I met.

Chris brought me into Northern Arizona Council of Governments and we had a great time putting on leadership academies and more. Which allowed me to meet Mary Beals Luedka and I started supporting her NACOG Area Agency on Aging. A few years later, when Jennifer Brown took the helm of NACOG Head Start, we started working with her team. From here, we were able to start supporting Nicole Kidoo’s Lewis Mason Thurston Area Agency on Aging up in WA, as she started with NACOG then moved. She then referred us to Kristen LaEace of Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging and we supported her team. Where we met Chuck LaDow of Area Five Agency On Aging & Community and went on to support his team. And the generous referrals and connections go on.

My nature is to look forward. But every time I pause and reflect backward, I am amazed by what there is to learn and see. This incredible map started with one person. Thank you, Chris, and all of you who have generously supported my path. My gratitude for you is overflowing.

And there have been other pivotal folks who have started similar flows. Sarah Douth in the world of Adult Probation, and Cynthia Seelhamer in serving counties, just to name a few.

When you look back, what moment or people have allowed you to be where you are today?

Best, Julie


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