Our Values

I love doing values work. As Roy Disney says, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” When we help teams to get clarity about who they are and how they want to operate, strategy becomes a breeze.

At Lancaster Leadership, we have 3 values. Any more, and we’d forget everything on the list and dilute the essence of who we are.

Our core values are authenticity, connection, and generosity. If all of these are in place, our mission of creating lifelong leaders happens with ease. When these 3 values are in place, it’s a breeding ground for growth, where risk-taking is welcomed, and there is space for both productivity and joy. Then our vision is fulfilled, which is cultivating thriving leadership communities.

If you are creating values with your team, be sure to then identify how those values that show up.

Here are some actions we take to operationalize our values. Some are more specific than others:

• Shine light on our clients’ strengths publicly (on LinkedIn, when facilitating, etc.).

• Say what the group might not be willing to say themselves. Be brave. Say what you see, but with tremendous care.

• Give the benefit of the doubt. Assume positive intent. Stay curious, even when it’s hard.

• Be present/pay attention and care. Adapt and innovate based on what you notice.

• Take breaks when you need them. Do self-care. Listen to your inner voice. Try for patience. Have boundaries that serve you.

• If you are thinking of someone, reach out & let them know. Shower love.

• Learn. Share. (Rinse and repeat.)

• Respond to each other & to clients within 24 hours.

Got some team values? We’d love to hear what they are and how you put them into action.


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