My November Intentions

I set goals for myself yet I hardly follow through with them. There is something about the word goal that tends to set me up for failure. The total opposite of what it is meant to do. My friend, Eliza, recently decided to switch from monthly goals to monthly intentions. I loved this idea. It felt very doable. It also felt that it would lend to more grace than self-sabotage. So I decided to set monthly intentions for myself. I feel it fits in with my overall goal of being mindful. So here goes…

Be Present

This is the time of the year that is filled with so much fun, joy, and celebrations. It is also the time of the year that is busy, stressful, and often overwhelming. It can go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in a blink of an eye. I am guilty of wanting to make things magical. I want to make lasting memories. I want to do all the fun things. I often have grand plans that fall short or unexpected things get in the way. It is so easy to lose sight of what is most important. I have noticed that when I make an effort to be present at the moment and to let go of all expectations, I tend to be happier and those around me are happier. And that is what the overall goal is…to be happy, to have fun, and to make good memories. So as we jump into the holiday season, I am going to make sure that I am present whether it is standing at the bus stop, driving in the car with the kids, doing Christmas shopping, or making dinner. I will let go of what I think should happen and just be in the moment and enjoy.

Three Things I Am Grateful For Everyday

For many years (on and off), I have spent the last 5 minutes of my day writing down 3 things that I am grateful for from that day. Some days were easy while others were a struggle. But when I consistently did it, I slept better and woke up feeling hopeful and calm. It would help me realize that even the annoying things such as doing laundry, paying bills, and packing the kids’ lunches were things to be grateful for. It helped me change my perspective. I was less angry and resentful when I had to do certain tasks. Lately, I have neglected my evening gratitude. I do it up in my room before I go to bed. I need a new journal to write them in (I only have about 20 in the house but none are upstairs). But I don’t feel like getting out of my bed to get one and I forget during the day so I haven’t done it. I am going to pause while I am writing this to grab one and take it upstairs so I have no more excuses. This simple act that takes no longer than 5 minutes has a huge impact on my attitude.

Evening routine

This is one that I have tried in the past but nothing has ever stuck. After I get Emily and JD to bed I come down and finish up any last-minute things and make lunches. Then I usually get on my phone and get sucked down the rabbit hole (note the final intention). I have lots of evening face washes, masks, lotions, and potions that sit in my cabinet. I have stacks and stacks of books waiting to be read. I have piles of crafts, yarn, and paints waiting to be used. And I have half a pantry drawer filled with different teas waiting to be drank. So now is the time to reach for one of these instead of my phone. But where to start. I know if I try to tackle all of these, I will not be successful. So I need to start small and then add more. I am going to start with a little pampering of my face. So tonight I will dust of all those luscious potions and give myself a much-needed treat. I am hopeful that as I see the mental benefits of an evening routine, I will be able to add more to my evening.

No phone after 9 pm

This one will be hard. I easily fall down that rabbit hole and the next thing I know I have wasted an hour of mindless scrolling. I love connecting with others through social media. I mean I use it to help share my blog. But I need to set some boundaries. I also know that it can take me mentally down a path that is not good. It can raise my blood pressure and make me feel sad. Those are not good things to feel right before going to bed. By putting my phone down, I will be able to accomplish my new evening routine. Being intentional about my phone use will help me be successful with my other intentions. Maybe this one should have been listed first.

I feel really good about this November Intentions list. I feel like it is doable and will lead to a happier and better holiday season. I know that by being intentional in what I do and say will trickle down to my family and friends. So here’s to a month of good things to come!


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