The Inner Workings of My Mind and Business

Back when I had housemates, I loved to study their habits.  But not in a creepy way.  Do they start the coffee before they jump in the shower or later?  What’s the first thing they do when they get home from work? I am still just as curious, but these days I am the most curious about the nuances of how people operate their businesses. How do you manage your inbox? If you had more time at work, how would you fill it? What projects are you fired up about? I love learning from others, and I have always been somewhat of an open book myself, willing to share with anyone who asks.

So, in the vein of sharing the inner workings of our minds and businesses, here’s a bit about me right now.

I’ve been on a tear of watching interviews of folks who inspire me.  As I rehab my knee on the exercise bike at 5:40am, I’ve spent hours with Gabrielle Bernstein (spiritual activist), Tim Ferris (The 4 Hour Work Week), Tony Robbins (motivational teacher), Marie Folio (business coach/guru), David Bach (The Automatic Millionaire), Susan Cain (Quiet), Renee Mauborgne (Blue Ocean Strategy), and Suzi Baits (Poo Pourri founder). They inspire me and spark many ideas.

My creativity and “sparks” are peaking right now; I get fired up about work a lot.  Maybe it’s the season, or maybe it’s that I get ignited about being a part of the process of my clients’ breakthroughs. I have come to depend on tiny notebooks that I stash in the bathroom, kitchen and car for my “brilliant ideas” that come without a moment’s notice.

I have been pouring energy into the creation of an online Women’s Leadership Academy. It’s a self-paced course with the 13 topics that clients ask for most. I have a team of trusted souls piloting it right now and can’t wait to launch it!

I love evaluating my business routines and what could benefit from better strategy. I am working with a Lean Business Model coach and he helps me to challenge my current way of thinking.

I have just revamped my training content on Change Management and Creating Trust and High Morale.

I love some routines that I have had for years, like meal sharing with the neighbor on Sundays, and the anticipation of Coffee Friday (because I abstain Monday-Thursday and explode with excitement on Friday morning!).

Books that I’ve read or listened to this year include the E-Myth Revisited, The 4-Hour Workweek, Tax-Free Wealth, Hillbilly Elegy, Mother & Son: The Respect Effect, Unshakable, and How to Deliver a Great Ted Talk.

I am writing this while flying between Flagstaff and LA.

So how about you? I would love to know your routines, your sparks, your books, and your mind.




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