Cultivating Leadership Business Award for December 2019

Coconino County demonstrates remarkable commitment to cultivating leadership. Over the last 8 years, Lancaster Leadership has proudly served 21 departments within the county regarding strategy, skill development, and workplace culture.  Even though our leadership development firm currently serves 5 counties in Arizona, Coconino County rises to the top in putting priority on people development. Lancaster Leadership is honored to have been asked to facilitate the Executive Leadership Academy going on 5 years now, where county leaders stretch the comfort zones, learn from one another, and push themselves to unlock even greater potential. We know that leadership takes courage, and we applaud Coconino County for their continued efforts to thrive.

James Jayne, County Manager of Coconino County, says it well, “In Coconino County, the next generation of leaders are eager to learn, develop and serve our County. These public servants are taking advantage of the opportunities that our organization provides for professional development through our Executive Leadership Academy & Supervisors Development Academy. Our county is better served with strong leaders, enriched by the development we offer, to transform our work and deepen the engagement of our team in service to the residents of the County. Thank you, Julie, for your partnership.”


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