5 Tips for Strategic Change

Do you work hard?  95% of the people I work with say they do, but they sometimes say this: “I give a lot to my work. But sometimes I wonder if I’m being as efficient as I could be, or if I’m saying “yes” to the right things, saying “no” enough, or if I put enough energy into visioning the future.”

If you can relate or know someone who can, read on. You are not alone, but you and your company could be suffering. Our success depends on our capacity to work strategically. Here are 5 tips to get you on the right track.

1. Stop

If you can often be found putting out fires, being needed by many, and are overly busy, this will be your biggest challenge.  To reach your full potential, you must take time out from the noise. Reflect on successes and lessons learned.  Assess the needs of your customers, staff, market and company. Block an hour on your calendar once/month.  So many leaders have their nose to the grindstone, but are making great time going in the wrong direction. Come up for air so that you can work smarter, not harder.

2. Connect

Create a community of colleagues who can relate to your challenges and help with problem solving. Peer-to-peer mentoring created with a Mastermind Group allows members to lean on one another, bounce ideas around, and give advice to each other in a non-judgement network. Meet once per month or quarter.

3. Assess your whole-life satisfaction

Life is not just about work. You can’t bring your best-self to your work if you are depleted.  Assess your fulfillment in these 4 areas:

  • Career
  • Health (exercise, nutrition, sleep)
  • Relationships
  • Self (learning, leisure)

Where are you thriving? Where would you like to put more energy? Do this at least once/quarter. DO NOT just live to work.

4. Set Goals

Successful leaders dream big.  What direction would you take your company or department if there were no limits?  Start with the end in mind.  Now, are there any steps you can take to move in that direction?  Then create a road map to get there with checkpoints, deadlines, and pragmatic steps. Plan the work, and then work the plan. Instead of life just happening to you, steer the ship.

5 Find a coach

The best athletes have a coach to help them reach their goals.  The role of a coach is to listen, hold you accountable, to help you to stay on track, to give you feedback and strategies, and to dream bigger. Research shows that 70% of Fortune 500 executives get coaching. And why? Because a coach pushes you to utilize your strengths, shines light on your blind spots, and helps you to live your most fulfilled life.

Next steps:

Pull up your calendar now. Schedule time to sit back, kick your feet up, and take a 30,000 foot view at your life.  I support you in making this one as extraordinary as you are.

Want to see a home-made video about transformation & change with coaching?  Watch here.


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