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Do you LOVE your work?

PASSION AT WORK. Love is intrinsically connected to relationships with friends at home with yourself at work. Love is the comfort zone and the place where you shine. Love shows up in the easy times when you feel strong. It’s the certainty you feel when you know that you have something absolutely necessary and valued…
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“What does being bold mean to you?”

A few thoughts from some “Being Bold” Women’s Leadership Retreat sponsors: “WHAT DOES BEING BOLD MEAN TO YOU?” Maricel Causer​, Fit Moms Flagstaff​  “Being bold means believing you can do the seemingly impossible. It means not quitting even though you really really want to. Being bold means plunging into the unknown with your eyes and…
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The budding leader

No matter your position in life, opportunity for leadership abounds. Leadership qualities aren’t bestowed on you the moment that you are knighted with a fancy job title; they must be carefully developed and tended. At work, school, or in any community, you can cultivate leadership qualities that will make an impact on how you lead…
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Do you take risks?

Have you ever been scared but took the plunge anyway? Healthy risks look different for everyone. If you would like to invite more “bravery” into your life, here are some helpful tips: First, recognize that you have fear. We all do; getting nervous is a mild form of fear. Realize that you don’t have to…
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Are you reaching your goals?

Now is the time of year for change. With fall comes back-to-school, changing leaves, and new aspirations. What might you want to change? Challenging ourselves with new goals can be, well, very challenging, but we have to start with day one. MAKING IT REAL; TURNING GOALS INTO YOUR NEW REALITY 1. Positive. When goal setting,…
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