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Grit is More Than Sand in Your Teeth

Wind is blowing sand in every direction.  There’s sand in my teeth, eyes, and ears.  The other guides and I are doing our best to cook dinner for our 20 river trip guests who are acting like starfish holding down their tents. Boats are flipping over, the tables have already blown over.   We’ve dug a…
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Loving Losers and Lessons Earned

There are many gifts my father, who died eight years ago, gave his five children. Those include in random order: hunger for knowledge, trustworthiness, eternal love for our Mom, and a goofy penchant for eating popcorn while watching slapstick comedy. These will remain as lovely personal gifts no one can ever take away and proof…
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Creating Culture

As the Chief of the Flagstaff Police Department, I might appreciate more than most the importance of creating the “right” culture in an organization. Today, with law enforcement under fire almost daily, it is more important than ever to assure my department is policing ethically, efficiently and effectively. This I think this is best accomplished…
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Everyday Ethics and Integrity

Most of us in leadership roles have participated in numerous ethics workshops, training and coursework. Often, the case study scenarios presented seem like events that only occur on the big screen or appear in obscure internet headlines. Other times the answers seem to be common sense and you wonder who wouldn’t make the “right” decision.…
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Adversity, Character, and Leadership

This is a very personal lesson in leadership, and one that has had tremendous value for me personally and I hope for you as well. When I started at Goodwill nearly 29 years ago I came on board to lead Goodwill’s mission services, a year later was also directing human resources, and later yet became…
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The Four Ps of Leadership

Confession: As a new manager I was all about tasks and often managed people like tools. I knew that saws needed sharpening and people needed recognition. I knew that motor oil needed changing and that people needed vacations. This mechanical paradigm allowed people and teams to function successfully, but it lacked the magic of growth…
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Great Leaders Do This Every Day

Leadership: It’s about making a difference on a daily basis with your staff. In the pursuit of leadership greatness, many look to literature and the best practices of others to model and shape their own behavior. Guidance on how to be a great leader can be found nearly anywhere via social media, conferences, workshops, or…
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Don’t Take this Personally: Leadership and the 2nd Agreement

I’m going to make perhaps a highly controversial statement about leadership by saying: nothing others do is because of you.  Nothing others do is because of you? Correct, so my next advice would be to not take anything personally.  I wish I had originated this wisdom, but it is the second of four agreements proposed by Don Miguel Ruiz,…
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Do you need mediation?

How do you handle disagreements between employees or, worse yet, between an employee and supervisor? One option is to offer mediation. Giving the warring parties space to talk and be heard can go a long way towards diffusing the situation. If you can get the parties to come up with a mutual agreement on how…
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3 Qualities Needed for Leadership

I am not the classic extrovert that our society tends to identify as a leader. I am an introvert. I am often drawn more to computers and machines than to people. So why would I be writing about leadership?  Leadership is analyzed all the time in today’s world. You would have thought we would have…
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