Group Coaching Intensive:

Building Resilience for Yourself, Your Team & Your Organization

Your leadership journey continues, and we support you.

Welcome to this module on Building Resilience for Yourself, Your Team, & Your Organization for 2024

In addition to the book and workbook, please use the links below to:

  • watch the video
  • read the article, and
  • be ready to discuss relevant insights to your life at our next session


The Power of Vulnerability, By Brené Brown


Power of Perseverance, By Richard Gallegos TEDxVeroBeach


The Power of Choosing Gratitude, By Tye Dutcher TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity


The Innovation Mindset in Action: 3M Corporation, By Vijay Govindarajan and Srikanth Srinivas

5 Key Steps to Creating an Innovation Mindset,
By Mikael Eriksson Björling

Taking notes on the video and reading will help you to better retain and utilize what you’ve learned.

Create an easy-to-find folder of all the work we are doing together, either electronically or in paper form.