Amy Young, Leadership Philosophy, Coconino County

I am committed…

to fostering growth, both as a team and within each individual. I believe that it is my job to provide the team with the tools to be successful and to trust them to do the work. I will provide clear expectations, and serve as a support in whatever manner is needed.

I believe…

that each individual can grow through challenges and new opportunities. It is up to me to help each person identify strengths and areas of growth, and to work side by side to encourage new learning. I understand that in reaching higher, mistakes will happen. I believe that this is where learning occurs. I am a strong believer in clear and consistent communication. People operate best when they are able to trust that information is provided and questions will be answered. I believe that people are to be treated with respect at all times. I expect that members of my team treat one another with a high degree of respect, and will work to resolve conflict rather than escalate it.

Leadership is equal parts strength and compassion. I strive to lead through example, and to remain diligent in offering these characteristics to my team.


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