Is your workforce dwindling?  Are you suffering from the “Great Resignation?” Join us to learn strategies to support attraction & retention in the 21st century.

Design Thinking as Business Strategy
Is innovation important to you, but your team gets bogged down in the to-dos too often? Could your team use some strategy for injecting creativity into their results? Design Thinking is a method to get out of the status quo and seek creative and innovative solutions to any business challenge. Learn more about what Design Thinking is and how it can be applied to create an innovative business strategy.

Join us for this engaging remote master class taught by Lancaster Leadership’s extraordinary Katie Wittekind. We only do 2 “open to the public” events each year – don’t miss this one!

Webinar: November 30, 2021 | 11:00AM - 12:15PM

Topics Covered:

  • Creative Idea Fusion
  • Prototyping
  • Measuring Success
  • Redesign & Troubleshooting
  • Empathy as Strategy
  • Defining the Challenges/Goals


  • Red Cape/Green Cape Strategy
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Examples To Learn From

Webinar Fees: $29

30% of the proceeds will go to Flagstaff Shelter Services.

Katie Wittekind, MAPP Certified Coach, Master Facilitator, Trainer, & Strategist

Katie is a vivacious part of the Lancaster Leadership team. She received her Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and is a Certified Coach by Dr. B.J. Fogg of Stanford University. Katie is a non-profit president, education guide, life coach, university lecturer, consultant, public speaker, author, and certified wellness professional. Katie’s strength is in presenting tools of change and shedding light on how they are best applied in your unique situation. Katie facilitates training on creating the desired company culture, leadership communication, team building & psychological safety and empowers you with how to create behavior change within your organization. Katie facilitates inclusive strategic planning with clear direction and also offers life coaching and public speaking. Katie combines the science of positive psychology, design thinking, and habit research for a truly innovative approach to organizational and individual change. After a coaching or training session with Katie you will be left with a clear path forward, inspiration for what lays ahead and empowered with the blueprints to become the architect of the change you seek.

Group Coaching Intensive: February 2022

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2022 topics:

  • Future-focus, Visioning
  • Creating a Culture of Leadership Agility, Innovation & Healthy Risk-Taking
  • Self & Team Accountability
  • The Art & Science of Making Hard Decisions
  • Essential Components of Organizational Health