Excellence in Leadership Academy

If you aren’t resourced to invest in a full leadership academy at this time, we can do 1-2 day focused trainings on any of the 65 topics embedded within the academy.

Leadership Competencies in the 21st Century AKA Authentic Leadership & Healthy Risk Taking

  • Introduction & accountability group
  • Responsibility and challenges of leadership
    • Leadership mentality
  • Team building
  • Authentic Leadership
    • Management vs leadership, Transformational vs Transactional leaders, Character centered leadership, Servant leadership
  • Ground rules and guiding principles
  • Qualities of the best leaders
  • The role of risk-taking in leadership
  • Leadership philosophy
  • Intentional leadership
  • Career trajectory & confidence

Emotional intelligence and effective communication for leaders

  • Communication & EI
    • 5 pillars of emotional intelligence
    • Triggers, ABCDE method, Assertive, aggressive, passive
    • Communication, conflict, amygdala hijacking
    • Assessment & best practices
  • Expectations
    • Clarity & mentality
    • Email & remote communication
  • Customer service
  • Essential communication skills
    • Receiving feedback
    • Contrasting
    • Extinguishing triangulation/gossip culture

Ethics in Leadership AKA Values Based Leadership

  • Values based leadership & teams
  • Clearly identify their own ethics and values and how they make an impact on workplace culture
  • Align abstract ethical values with tangible action
  • Understand how to make ethical and balanced decisions consistently
  • Confidently recognize and confront unethical behaviors
  • Facilitate a training in their department on covert, concrete workplace culture expectations and ethics

Diversity, Inclusion and Generations in the Workplace, Including Myers-Briggs

  • Diversity
    • Our differences
    • Perceptions
  • Communication and Interaction Styles
    • Introduction to MBTI w/activities and discussion, Verification of your type/your assessment, Strategic action plan, Group/team assessment, Work scenarios
    • The root of all relationship problems with subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors.
  • 360 feedback
  • Understand and appreciate generational differences
  • Practice coaching skills

Creating a Thriving Work Culture AKA Morale & Influence

  • Energy management
  • Morale & recognition
  • Influence & principled negotiation
  • Non-defensive communication
  • Self-care, stress management

Successful Performance Management for Prosperous Teams 

  • 1-on-1s for open dialogue and strengths-based focus
  • Dealing with “difficult employees”
  • Essential communication tools:
    • Giving corrective feedback effectively
    • Powerful coaching
    • “Coaching up”
    • Active listening, validation, acknowledging, open ended questions
  • Progressive discipline
  • Performance evaluations

Managing People, Objectives and Change AKA Change & Accountability

  • Change management
    • Sphere of influence
    • The “5 Whys”
  • Time Management, prioritization, goal setting
  • Meeting management
  • Accountability & delegation
  • Employee development, mentoring
  • Successful teams

Organization specific (1/2 day)

  • Leadership panel
  • Student projects presentations