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Interview on Leadership and Taking Leaps
On A Path of Her Own with Blue Russ Podcast
Julie shares her story of how she launched her career in leadership development. Dive deeper into the mind behind Lancaster Leadership…Listen here


Interview on Emerging Leaders
On Emerging Leaders Workshop
Julie answers questions from Tanner with Emerging Leaders Workshop about her top advice to “emerging leaders” and shares personal stories about her passion for the natural world…Watch here


Leadership Interview
On The Human Business Podcast
Listen to Julie’s interview with Steve Smith and Peter Shoemaker on The Human Business Podcast about coaching, performance and leadership…Listen here


Entrepreneur of the Month
Published on
Read Julie’s interview with Cornerstone Brand Coaching about being an entrepreneur…Read more



Business Woman of the Month
Published in Flagstaff Business News
Read the Flagstaff Business News October issue about Julie and supporting women-owned businesses with leadership training…Read more

Leadership @7000ft
Published in @7000ft
Read Julie’s cover story in the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce @7000ft magazine about Leadership and her zest for her profession…Read more


Chamber Business Insights
Aired on KAFF Country Legends
Julie speaks with Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce about Lancaster Leadership and the annual Women’s Summit. If you missed our 10-minute radio interview, check it out here!

Chamber Business Insights
Aired on KAFF Country Legends
Julie speaks with Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Julie Pastrick, about taking the leap to be a business owner of Lancaster Leadership… Listen here

2017 Athena Award nominee, Julie Lancaster
Published on
For more than two decades, the Greater Flagstaff Chamber has presented the ATHENA Award to a local businesswoman who has achieved excellence in her field…Read more

Unlocking Potential
Published in Flagstaff Business News
The beginning of a New Year is a good time to refocus attention on professional growth and development, especially if you are a member of an organization or in the world of business. Assistance in the form of… Read more

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Leadership Books and Videos
Published on
Looking for a trusted resource about Leadership? Julie has compiled her suggestions in print and video… Read more

Top Trends in the Changing Workplace
Published in Flagstaff Business News
Read the Flagstaff Business News March issue about Julie and the constantly evolving workplace… Read more

Teaching Adult Learners
Published in AZ LERMA
In high school, most of my teachers were the “sage on the stage”.  We were expected to…Read more

What are you Afraid of?
Published in Arizona Daily Sun
Risk-taking is a crucial part of leadership, both as teams and individuals. When we look at those who are making a difference we can see… Read more

The Power of Connection, Then & Now
Published in Arizona Daily Sun
I recently joined a few close friends in Pittsburgh for a 25-year high school reunion. Pittsburgh is where I grew up and… Read more

Girl Power Reinvented
Published in Mothering
I believe in girl-power. Rich, music-blaring, arm-wrestling, mountain-climbing girl-power… Read more

Underground Poultry: Flagstaff’s Renegade Chicken Farmers
Published in Arizona Daily Sun
Skulking through the back alleys of our Flagstaff thoroughfare, you hear a gentle cooing. Peering into backyards, you discover a secret society… Read more

Creative Concoctions with Purpose
Published on
I’ll admit it. I’m excitable.  As with everything, it can be a blessing and… Read more

College Writing: A Go-to Guide for APA Format
Published on
The first day of college: highlighters, notebooks, mini-stapler: check! But the most prepared students may not have… Read more

Altered Books for Kids
Published on
I love spring cleaning. Anytime of the year. I jump for joy when the kids are ready for… Read more

Monkeys, Mangoes & Machetes
Published in Mothering
It had been years since my husband and I fell in love while volunteering in Africa with the Peace Corps… Read more

Having Difficult Conversations
Published on
In the beginning of each Leadership Academy, I ask every participant to do a self-assessment about their strengths and areas for growth.  One area of growth… Read more

Do you Deserve a Raise?
Published on
Every one of us would like to earn “more”. Groveling at your boss’s feet, bribes of chocolate and… Read more

From Vietnam: Voices from Around the World: How to Age Vibrantly
Published in Arizona Daily Sun
When it comes to aging well and living a productive life, most of us would say we already know what to do… Read more

Who in the World Holds a College Degree?
Published on
Our world population is near 7 billion.  And much of what we have accomplished… Read more

Connecting with Nature
Published in Arizona Daily Sun
Arising before the sun, we trudged across the plowed earth, sowing seeds in the furrows. As months passed on those southern African hills, they began to… Read more


My Love Affair with Efficiency: A Story of Recovery
Published on
Once, when negotiating with a boss of mine, I wanted to work fewer hours than she wanted me to work.  Her seemingly brilliant idea… Read more

Degree Attainment and the Globalized Workforce
Published in The Link
Who in the world holds college degrees? The reality is that a very small percent of the… Read more

Go With the Gut: Finding Optimum Health through Digestion
Published in Mountain Living
Health gurus bombard with advice to eat less fried food and more greens. They tell people to live stress-free and… Read more


Decaffeination Station: Support for Coffee without the Kick
Published in Four Corners
Many coffee connoisseurs know where to find their favorite cup of joe. But a select few can pinpoint the… Read more