Welcome, Strong Women Leaders!

Are you ready to unlock even greater potential?

My name is Julie Lancaster, and I believe leadership is a mindset, not a position. We are all leaders, and you and I know that the most effective leaders are constantly learning, growing, and improving. For over 2 decades I’ve been training thousands of women to not only lead but also influence others in their lives. And now, for the first time, I’m making this complete leadership training available online for you! I bring you the 13 most requested trainings by my female clients for you to master at your own pace! What are you waiting for?

Through masterful facilitation (and a great sense of humor) Julie has transformed a group of supervisors and managers who had little knowledge of any programs outside their own within the Agency. She has not only provided them with the foundations of leadership but has created a cadre who can now reach across the Agency for solutions and support.

Cathy Steers, Human Resources Director, Northern Arizona Council of Governments

It is rare to participate in a group Leadership Academy and walk away with a fresh uplifting perspective! After 20 years in management and numerous professional development classes, I found Julie Lancaster to be a gem, she shines like no one else. She is engaging, clever and witty, a subject expert, applies “real-world” tangible solutions to difficult situations and work place interactions, that will make a seasoned manager walk away with new outlooks and tools to get the job done.

Chris Maragos, Facilities Manager, Grand Canyon Conservancy

Julie creates a designated space—literal and figurative—for honest, authentic exploration and reflection. This space allows leaders to discuss key ideas, challenge status quo, and learn how to support one another away from their daily grind. These deep connections among the participants and with the content open pathways to improved engagement, increased accountability, and organizational progress.

Allie Stender, MPA, Program Manager III, Coconino County Public Works