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The Myth of Subject Matter Expertise

The further I get into my career, the more I begin to question that technical skills alone are a key indicator of success. Didn’t we all believe that to be hired or to hire the perfect fit, we had to be or find the candidate with the best, most specialized credentials, the expert in a…
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Leadership Reflections

I recently completed an 8-week leadership development program hosted by my employer. Even though I willfully participated, the first day was a bit nerve-racking. You know what I’m talking about. It felt like those times when you are voluntold to a committee, and you feel apprehensive about how it will go. Then you walk into…
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Want Innovation? Think House Renovation!

We all want innovation in our organization.  But how to start?  For a clear path, compare your organization’s innovation to a house renovation. How Did We Get Here? Think of where you live.  It’s comfortable.  You know what to expect.  You may not notice that the walls could use some fresh paint and the light…
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Lessons from my father

“You may as well catch the ball.” Those words were a defining moment in my development. I was 10 years old and had just completed my first Pop Warner football game. I scored three touchdowns that day, and was so excited about my performance.  While heading home my dad asked me about the pass play…
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The Inner Workings of My Mind and Business

Back when I had housemates, I loved to study their habits.  But not in a creepy way.  Do they start the coffee before they jump in the shower or later?  What’s the first thing they do when they get home from work? I am still just as curious, but these days I am the most…
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Vision Boards as part of your strategic planning

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein If you are an organizational leader, chances are you participate in some form of strategic planning to align your work to the larger organizational vision, purpose, and goals so you and your team know how you add value and can feel…
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Failure: The Main Ingredient for Confidence Building

When my seventh-grade summer arrived, I could hardly wait. I was excited to play endless video games, wake up whenever and go to the beach. Turns out my Dad had different plans for me. Upon waking up that day, I was told I would be joining Jr. Life Guards. My response was reasonable, “Dad, I…
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Leadership Skills for Retirement

YOUR WORLD IS DIFFERENT NOW I have a unique perspective compared to most of you reading this. I am no longer in the “work-world.” I am 79 and retired. And have had a while to figure out how to “do” retirement well. Although many folks count down the years to retirement with delight, I have…
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The Only Way Out is Through

I put my trekking poles out in front of me to provide support as I lowered my foot onto a steep “trail” of loose rock. My knee crackled as it took on the weight of me and my pack. Scar tissue from six years of playing rugby was arguing with my decision to go backpacking…
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What’s YOUR Gold?

My HYPO2 strength and conditioning coach recently inquired, “What’s YOUR gold?” (HYPO2 provides services for world-class athletes chasing elusive gold medals; more importantly, they support local community members in exploring their potential). While I interact with him in a gym setting, I realized there is no separation between how I determine success in something I…
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