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Surviving 2 Days of Silence

Have you heard of those weekend-long silent retreats? I’ve just graduated from one with the Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community.  I signed up because I was curious to have a deeper look into my mind, and quite frankly, 2 days of quiet and no expectations sounded lovely.   A year ago, I attended a Science of Mindfulness…
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amy young leadership philosophy coconino county

Amy Young, Leadership Philosophy, Coconino County

I am committed… to fostering growth, both as a team and within each individual. I believe that it is my job to provide the team with the tools to be successful and to trust them to do the work. I will provide clear expectations, and serve as a support in whatever manner is needed. I believe… that…
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Aspirational Obituary

Julie embraces life.  She lives with verve and leads with her whole heart.  She brings optimism, energy, connection and compassion into her life and the lives of others.  She puts a positive stamp on the world. Julie is blessed with a creative mind, and from this, is never bored. With this, she also reminds herself to slow…
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