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5 Strategic Ways to Conquer your To Do List

Raise your hand if you ever felt like you had so many to do lists running at one time, where everything felt like it needed to get done today, and yet you had no time to complete it all. Yup, I’m pretty sure you all just raised your hands. We’ve ALL been there. I’ve been…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for February 2020

We know NAU to be an exceptional institution serving approximately 30,000 students, but what you might not know is its commitment to developing its departments and teams of employees. With Julie’s background in higher education as a Professor and Dean of Students, Lancaster Leadership has extra joy while helping this organization. Julie has worked with…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for January 2020

When it comes to an organization committed to serving with intention, Lewis Mason Thurston Area Agency on Aging rises to the top. Within the last two years, Lancaster Leadership has had the opportunity to assist this organization with becoming an outstanding leader in their field. To name a few of their development initiatives, the Collective…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for December 2019

Coconino County demonstrates remarkable commitment to cultivating leadership. Over the last 8 years, Lancaster Leadership has proudly served 21 departments within the county regarding strategy, skill development, and workplace culture.  Even though our leadership development firm currently serves 5 counties in Arizona, Coconino County rises to the top in putting priority on people development. Lancaster…
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DIY Self-Retreat

Make Your Goals a Reality With This Much Needed Self-Retreat

Ready to take some risks?  Commit to this DIY goal-setting self-retreat and you’ll be ready to achieve your goals! The practice of innovation & risk—taking to move you into the future “A goal without a plan is just a wish list.” Antoine de Saint-Exuperys You have back-burner goals, I know you do.  We all do.…
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Feedback-Seeking Culture

5 Ways to Create a Feedback-Seeking Culture

Ready to create a feedback-seeking culture? In the beginning of each Leadership Academy, I ask every participant to do a self-assessment about their strengths and areas for growth.  One area of growth consistently rises to the top: having difficult conversations.  Participants say they want: Comfort with speaking up assertively and early To create a feedback…
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5 Tips for Strategic Change

Do you work hard?  95% of the people I work with say they do, but they sometimes say this: “I give a lot to my work. But sometimes I wonder if I’m being as efficient as I could be, or if I’m saying “yes” to the right things, saying “no” enough, or if I put enough…
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5 Tips to Deepen Your Connection at an Event

Introverts need connection. Extroverts need connection. Ready to deepen your connection?  The research shows that we even live longer if we have it.  If you missed it, read our article that talks about the risk of depression and combating loneliness in retirement. So are you getting quality connection in both your personal and professional lives?…
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