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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for September 2020

The last five months have created great challenges for many organizations to meet their missions. Mountain Line, Flagstaff’s public transit system, has continued to provide outstanding service to the community, all the while putting health and safety of the public and its employees as top priority while Getting You Where You Want To Go (their…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for July 2020

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and Grand Canyon Conservancy (GCC) inspires people to protect and enhance the park for present and future generations. GCC is the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park and is committed to excellence from the inside out. Over the past…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for June 2020

Talk about reach and service! In 2019, NACOG served more than 40,000 people, and their services are far-reaching. NACOG is a diverse agency offering a variety of services and supports to children, families and the aging population and communities in Apache, Coconino, Navajo and Yavapai Counties. Their mission – “Cooperating regionally to improve life in…
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Remote Leadership

We want to provide you concrete and practical tips to be more effective right now. Following are 4 of the best tips we’ve seen out there: Tip 1: Have a daily check-in. Whenever possible, this should be one-on-one, and face-to-face via video. Phone conversations and email only go so far. Your team needs to see…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for May 2020

The mission of Aspey, Watkins & Diesel, a highly respected full service law firm in Northern Arizona, is to have their clients’ backs as they navigate legal challenges and persevere through difficult times. For 45 years, their top priority has been to serve their clients. But to do this well, they also understand that a…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for April 2020

When it comes to an organization that cares about the health of the community, North Country HealthCare rises to the top. As a federally qualified community health center that provides medical services in 13 communities throughout northern Arizona, North Country’s employees care about their mission to provide affordable, accessible care. To best serve, this organization…
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Can you relate to issues entrepreneurs face?

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that it’s wonderful and terrible. Wonderful, as you get to live your dreams, chart the course, make decisions that guide your future. And that’s also why it’s terrible; you are often figuring it out all on your own and crossing your fingers. Not to mention, within the last…
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The garlic, the washing machine, and flatbed

The cool African wind whipped my hair as I stood in the back of the flatbed. After climbing 4,000 feet in elevation that day, I was five minutes from arrival. I wondered, “will he be delighted beyond belief? Or will he think I’m a relentless stalker?”  It seemed unfortunate that I only realized, there in…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for March 2020

Education, enjoyment and inspiration are central to the mission of Flagstaff Area National Monuments. These themes are also vital to team development and growth. This NPS team’s commitment to (1) leadership skill-building and (2) leading with strategy are exemplary. Knowing that they best serve the parks and visitors if they have a strong team rowing…
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How would you draw one picture that represents your work?

While attending a Moline Creative workshop about graphic illustration, I was challenged with this task: How can you draw the services your company offers? This fantastic query challenged me to think in an entirely new way, and I came up with something. I sketched the picture idea, and then I used one of my most…
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