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Aspirational Obituary

Julie embraces life.  She lives with verve and leads with her whole heart.  She brings optimism, energy, connection and compassion into her life and the lives of others.  She puts a positive stamp on the world. Julie is blessed with a creative mind, and from this, is never bored. With this, she also reminds herself to slow…
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Michael Buchheit, Leadership Philosophy, Grand Canyon Association

My leadership philosophy is rooted in a personal commitment to live by my values, to lead by example, to set and achieve concrete goals, and to support, nurture and celebrate the accomplishments of everyone within my sphere of influence. I make every effort to help my co-workers, colleagues and constituents to achieve their personal and professional goals by looking…
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Corey Ringenberg

Growth and Learning

Does your organization foster a culture of professional growth and development? Throughout my career in public service I have watched organizations weather some hard-economic times. One element always seemed to separate good organizations from the great ones. Those organizations that followed a commitment to promoting employee growth and development opportunities grew, while those that cut…
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The Myth of Subject Matter Expertise

The further I get into my career, the more I begin to question that technical skills alone are a key indicator of success. Didn’t we all believe that to be hired or to hire the perfect fit, we had to be or find the candidate with the best, most specialized credentials, the expert in a…
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Leadership Reflections

I recently completed an 8-week leadership development program hosted by my employer. Even though I willfully participated, the first day was a bit nerve-racking. You know what I’m talking about. It felt like those times when you are voluntold to a committee, and you feel apprehensive about how it will go. Then you walk into…
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Want Innovation?  Think House Renovation!

We all want innovation in our organization.  But how to start?  For a clear path, compare your organization’s innovation to a house renovation. How Did We Get Here? Think of where you live.  It’s comfortable.  You know what to expect.  You may not notice that the walls could use some fresh paint and the light…
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Lessons from my father

“You may as well catch the ball.” Those words were a defining moment in my development. I was 10 years old and had just completed my first Pop Warner football game. I scored three touchdowns that day, and was so excited about my performance.  While heading home my dad asked me about the pass play…
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