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My November Intentions

I set goals for myself yet I hardly follow through with them. There is something about the word goal that tends to set me up for failure. The total opposite of what it is meant to do. My friend, Eliza, recently decided to switch from monthly goals to monthly intentions. I loved this idea. It…
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My Love Affair with Efficiency: A Road to Recovery

MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH EFFICIENCY: A ROAD TO RECOVERY (and perhaps yours too) (first posted 4/30/13 on www.collegeamerica.edu). 3 CONFESSIONS 1: Once, when negotiating with a boss of mine, I wanted to work fewer hours than she wanted me to work.  Her idea: “How about we contract you for 32 hours per week, but if…
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Teaching Adult Learners

For Lancaster Leadership facilitators, these are the necessary guidelines for teaching. They are useful for anyone teaching or facilitating a group of adults in a presentation or meeting.  Start with a hook. Make your first 1-minute count.  Be interesting to get the learners interested immediately. Adult learners will discredit you or tune you out quickly if they aren’t…
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COVID & Cancer

To know me, you know that I typically am all in.  Sometimes too fast, too energetic, too driven. I need the lessons of pacing, taking a back seat, and “good enough.” That’s what 2020 gave to me in the form of breast cancer. In 2020, I bled “leadership agility”, as did many in the world.…
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Moonlit Path

April 7th, 2020, I sat on top of tallest hill in our neighborhood with my two teenage girls strategically placing mason jars with distilled water under the moon lit Northern Arizona Sky – water, mountains and a moon is what we needed during this chaotic new world. Who wasn’t in need of some pink super…
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Our Pandemic Nest

My pandemic year, while restrictive in many ways, has been blessed with nesting and productivity: my son, fiance and I moved into a new house together just as the world locked down, we got married and blended our families, and I completed an executive certificate program at Georgetown University. In this crazy year, a few…
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How to Build Business Resiliency in a Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has rattled all industries and dramatically changed the economic landscape. Indeed, a survey by ASU’s College of Health Solutions notes that many businesses were caught off-guard by the global health crisis, as only 36% had any emergency response plans in place. In order to cope during these financially turbulent times, a lot of businesses…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for November 2020

Preserving and maintaining one of the wonders of the world is no small feat. Grand Canyon National Park (GCRA) provides access to more than six million visitors each year, and this is only possible because of each employee’s commitment to excellence. Over the past three years, GCRA and Lancaster Leadership have partnered to provide training…
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Cultivating Leadership Business Award for October 2020

Times of transition can be the optimal time to collaborate with one’s team and have important discussions and create a plan forward. Over the past year, Superior Court in Yuma County has made a commitment to intentional transition of leadership and direction in order to best meet their mission. Lancaster Leadership encourages teams to have…
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