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5 Tips to Deepen Your Connection at an Event

Introverts need connection. Extroverts need connection. Ready to deepen your connection?  The research shows that we even live longer if we have it.  If you missed it, read our article that talks about the risk of depression and combating loneliness in retirement. So are you getting quality connection in both your personal and professional lives?…
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7 Ways To Build Relationships With Your Customers and Clients

It’s no surprise that building trust is an important asset in life, from personal relationships to co-works to clients.  When it comes to running a successful business building genuine relationships lead to trust which leads to long-term customers and clients. Nobody wants to do business or buy products from someone they don’t like or don’t…
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Your Best Foot Forward – Obvious and Invisible

Some marathons are easy to identify. You put on well-worn running shoes, sunblock, a ponytail holder, and run 26.2 miles. There were thousands of miles of prep before that race. Those miles can come with lots of blisters, bleeding toes, barking dogs, bad weather, Power Bars, endorphin highs, skinned knees, hydration breaks, sunburned noses, and great conversations if…
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Kate Morley, Leadership Philosophy, Mountain Line

I believe that quality outcomes come from high expectations for continual learning and growth, resourcefulness and ingenuity, and ethics and, above all, respect for others’ ideas and visions and trust in their ability to do the tasks they’re given in workplace of respect, helpfulness and recognition.
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Wade Forrest, Leadership Philosophy, Mountain Line

Theory I believe in setting a strong example by executing my duties and responsibilities with dedication, commitment, and integrity. I believe that instilling a strong sense of mission and culture promotes independent decision making and positive outcomes that are consistent with departmental and organizational objectives. I believe that honest, open, and constructively critical communication helps…
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Keynote Presentations

Want to know what Julie’s been up to?  Looking to hear an inspirational talk that will connect you with others? Check out the organizations she’s had the wonderful opportunity to deliver keynotes and presentations to within the last few years. Arizona Association of Counties Arizona Association of Perioperative Nurses Arizona Chief Probation Officers Association Arizona…
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What my 9 top clients have in common with Amazon

I have the best corporate clients in the world. What makes them the best, you ask? They truly value three of the most important assets they possess: time, people, and attention.  Amazon puts its employees through a month-long intensive training and leadership program, and they do this even before the first day of work. They realize that…
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Playing hooky

Just like most of you reading this, I work hard.  I am driven, am responsible, have rules for myself to getting the most return on investment for my work hours, have commitment to excellent results, and spend many hours getting the job done.  My friends know that for socializing, I am most likely to give…
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Growing Leadership in Youth

If the word leadership invokes images of experienced people trained in exerting authority and team motivation, you wouldn’t be wrong.  However, great leaders aren’t born, they were grown, and that starts with a seed.   I believe in the power of camp to introduce children to the concept and nuances of leadership.  Without knowing, the…
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